Memorial Upper Elementary School's
2009 Science Fair
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The fifth and sixth grade science departments are abuzz with excitement and we just cannot keep it to ourselves! 
We are having a Science fair at Memorial this fall, and we want you to be a part of it!  Each student here at Memorial will be completing a science project for the second marking period.  The theme of these projects will be “Forensic Science.” (If a student wants to work on a project outside of this theme, they will be required to obtain their teacher’s approval.) 
The projects are due on December 2, 2009.  Upon completion, the projects will be judged by a secret panel of school personnel.  They will be judged according to the rubric the students used to guide them through the project. 
The winners will be notified by December 4th and will compete with each other at our Science Fair on the evening of December 8th, hopefully with you watching!  The winners will earn prizes and everyone will enjoy the fascinating world of forensic science!  If all this wasn’t exciting enough, there’s more: the best of the best will go on to compete in the 2009 Burlington County Science Fair!
As parents and guardians, you will be responsible for exploring possibilities with your child, supplying materials, and providing help (but not too much, we will be looking for student made projects).  Your child will be coming home with all the details, rules, and regulations that you will need to guide them through this exciting project.  If you’re already excited and want to get started, you can begin by looking for ideas on the Internet.  A good starting point would be the website  As always, we here at Memorial appreciate all you do for your children and their education.  So let us thank you all in advance for the assistance you will provide to make this the best science fair ever!!!



Memorial Upper Elementary School Science and Math Teachers!

Attention Scientists!
Please click here to access our form library for those participating in the Science Fair!