• HIB School Report - Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, our school district has conscientiously implemented the requirements found in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act with the establishment of Policy and Reporting Procedures, School-based Safety Teams, HIB Initiatives and Staff training. Please see our School HIB Self-Assessment Report.
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The mission of W.R. James, Sr. Elementary School is  to educate all students through data –driven instruction, high expectations and a commitment to excellence, emphasizing the belief that all students will learn and become critical and analytical thinkers, life-long learners, and contributing members of society. 
The vision of W.R. James, Sr. Elementary School is to improve student achievement by establishing and implementing a system of accountability for students, staff and administration with particular focus on data-driven instruction.


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Dress Code

District Policy

                                                                                      55II- DRESS AND GROOMING

                   Section: Pupils Date Created: September, 2007 Date Edited: October, 2008


The uniform dress code in the Willingboro Township School District is being implemented primarily as a way to improve the school learning environment. It is intended to provide an equal clothing status to all children and allow pupils to focus on the educational process rather than a fashion statement. Pupils will be required to dress in a manner that reflects good taste, modesty and appropriateness for an educational learning environment.

Dress Code Selection:

Boys: Tan/ Khaki/ Navy Blue: standard slacks or shorts

Girls: Tan/ Khaki/ Navy Blue: Pants, skirts, skorts, shorts and jumper Boys/ Girls: Light Blue: Shirts, Blouse, Golf shirt, and Turtle Necks Sweater/Vests: Solid color/ Navy Blue

Physical Education Day: Solid color navy blue sweat pants, Sweat shirt or "T''-shirt


Appropriate Dress Rules - Pre-K through Grade 8:

All pupils should recognize the need to dress appropriately for school. Clothing that appears to create an improper or disruptive influence on the educational environment will not be tolerated.


The following dress rules will be in effect:

1.  No hats, head coverings, or sweatbands are to be worn. (Religious exceptions)

2.  No tank tops, halters, open-chest shirts or tops that resemble underwear or are transparent will be tolerated.

3.   No long, oversized "T" shirts are to be worn.

4.   No blouses, sweaters, or shirts that are worn with a bare midriff will be permitted.

5.   Shorts/Skirts/Dresses must be finger-tip length, measured with arms,  hands, and fingertips extended on the side of the body.

6.   Biker shorts/pants (spandex material) are not permitted.

7.    Pants must be worn with the waistbands at the waist. No drooping pants; trousers are to be properly worn at all times while in school.

8.     If you wear bib overalls, the straps must be buttoned at all times. 

9.     Articles of clothing that may have indecent patches, pictures, slogans, or writing may not be worn. 

10.   No tattered clothing or cut-offs will be permitted. 

11.    No sandals or open-toed shoes will be permitted. 

12.    Rings which are designed for more than one finger are not to be worn on school property.

13.    Heavy outerwear, overcoats/ jackets are not to be worn in classes during a normal school day.







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Degrees and Certifications:

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