• Chronic Absenteeism - A major goal for our School District this year is to improve overall student attendance.  According to the New Jersey Department of Education, a student is considered chronically absent when they miss 10% of the school year. There are only 180-days in a school year, if a student is enrolled for the entire year and absent 18 days they are chronically absent. Please see this important video link courtesy of Attendance Works: A Community Imperative.

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  • Parent Newsletters - Dear Parents please see the linked November 2015 issues
    of '
    Parents Make the Difference' Newsletter and Activity Calendar / Pointers for Elementary and Middle School Parents. Enjoy the tips!

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  • Internet Essentials - If your child receives free or reduced price school lunches, you may qualify for Internet Essentials from Comcast for just $9.95 a month. Click link to see how-it-works.

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  • Daily Parenting Tips BlogThe Parent Resource Center’s Daily Parenting Tips Blog is available for your reading pleasure. Parent tips, great ideas and timely articles to help parents build student success, are posted daily on the district’s website for elementary and secondary levels.  The blog is a way to keep you informed and engaged in your child’s education.  Click here for a copy of the Introduction Letter.

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  • PRC Fall Newsletter - Dear Parents/Guardians, please see the linked Parent Resource Center Fall Newsletter. Enjoy!

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  • Homebuyer's Workshop - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Theta Pi Omega Chapter serving Burlington, Gloucester and Camden Counties presents a FREE Homebuyer Financial Planning Workshop on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. Please see the linked Flyer for more details.

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  • Standards Review - The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) has announced opportunities for the public to provide input for the state's review of its academic standards through an online survey and three regional listening tour sessions. The Standards Review Survey and the schedule for the three listening tour sessions can be found here.

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  • Aramark BBQ - On September 3rd 2015 come fill-out a 'Free and Reduced Lunch' Application at Country Club Administration Bldg starting at 3 PM and join us for a Free BBQ from 4-7:30 PM. Please see the event flyer for all the details.

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  • Integrated Pest Management Notice for SY 2015-16

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  • Welcome Back! - Greetings Willingboro Family linked herein is a packet which includes a letter from our Superintendent of Schools, a copy of the staff Professional Development Matrix for the start of the School Year 2015-16, and an announcement of a 'Backpack and School Supply' giveaway sponsored by in partnership with Assemblyman Troy Singleton on Thursday, August 20th 2015 from 4-7 pm. Please see the Welcome Packet for more information.

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  • Integrated Pest Management Notice

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  • Affordable Housing for Students and Families - If you are dreaming of becoming a home owner...You may qualify for a newly constructed or renovated home! 0%-Interest Mortgage based on your income! Take a look at the linked informational brochure, flyer, pre-qualification checklist, and FAQ Sheet.
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  • Family Literacy Night - on Thursday, June 4th at Hawthorne Park ES was an outstanding event. A fabulous job done by students, staff, and parents. Please see the linked special recognition and Burlington County Times coverage.
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  • Press Release - The New Jersey School Boards Association recently honored, Mrs. Sarah Holley and Mrs. JoAnn Carter, Willingboro Board of Education members, for achieving advanced certification through the association’s Board Member Academy. Please see linked Press Release.
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  • 4-Time All-American - James Green, a Willingboro native, placed third in the nation at the NCAA Championship in the 157 pound wrestling weight class. Please click the following link to an online article and photo gallery.
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  • Pulitzer Prize Winner - Willingboro High School Alum, Gregory A. Pardlo is the winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry with 'Digest' his second book. He was also a nominee for the 2015 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award, a finalist for Foreword Review’s 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award in Poetry, and was nominated for the 46th NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in Poetry. He graduated from Willingboro High School in 1986-87 time frame. Please visit and see the linked information about the author and his well as the linked BCT Article.
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  • Revised District Calendar - At our March 23, 2015 Board of Education meeting, a revised calendar was approved to make-up for inclement weather days and ensure 180 school days for our students. Please see revised calendar in our 'Quick Links' section to the right of our homepage.
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  • PARCC FAQs - The New Jersey School Boards Association has released the linked Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sheet regarding the new New Jersey State testing program (PARCC) that will measure student progress toward goals in language arts and mathematics using Common Core State Standards.
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  • State of the District Address - the Willingboro Board of Education hosted the 4th Annual State of the District Address by Dr. Ronald G. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, along with a Student-Centered Showcase highlighting district school-based initiatives and programs on Thursday, February 12, 2015, at 6:30 PM in the high school auditorium. If you were unable to attend, please see the linked Address.
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  • Track State Champions! Willingboro wins 14th Boys Winter Track State title at Group 1 Relays in Toms River, New Jersey. Saturday, January 17, 2015.  Please see the article for the details. The history of our very accomplished Track program is amazing. Please see the article. Our Girls Track Team placed at the sectionals and will advance to the State competition.
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  • more

Welcome Packet

Click here for user-friendly version of Welcome Packet
Welcome Back SY 2015-2016  Welcome Back SY 2015-2016
Welcome to School Year 2015-2016  
Welcome to School Year 2015-2016  
Welcome to School Year 2015-2016  


Accelerating Student Achievement through a Continuum of Instructional Leadership for the       2015-16 School Year

Our Program

Effective schools are schools in which students are able to succeed well beyond what is generally expected. Our schools must add extra value to each Student’s outcome in comparison with other schools serving similar student populations. We remain committed and dedicated to improving the well-being and academic outcomes of all our children as we transform Willingboro Public Schools into a ‘Blue Ribbon’ School District.

As we enter into 'Year-5' of innovative initiatives, we must capitalize on ‘Year-4’ investments, and Accelerate Student Achievement through a Continuum of Instructional Leadership.

Our journey to improve student achievement entails creating new courses, implementing new initiatives, and researched best practices.  Our commitment and pledge to provide a quality education for all students will be the foundation and driving force our students need to ascend to outstanding academic achievement during their educational tenure.

Technology Refresh:
The objective of the computer refresh is to upgrade the existing technology in classrooms and computer labs with current year technology; replacing the six to seven year old computers in District’s computer labs and classrooms.  This refresh consists of 1,000 desktop computers, and eight 30-station laptop carts; one for each school.  The benefits to this Technology refresh are huge. With PARCC high stakes testing occurring this school year, and our increased utilization of online formative assessments, with Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP) testing, newer technologies allow us to take advantage of greater computing efficiency. 

Cosmetology Program Returns:
We welcome the return of Cosmetology to the course offerings in our high school CTE programming. This is the first level of a 3-year Cosmetology Course designed to provide students with instruction required to meet the standards set forth in the Cosmetology and Hairstyling Act of 1984. A State Licensed Program which requires a student to complete 1200 Hours (1000 Hours Vocational School) of instruction and take the State Board Examination to earn the Cosmetology/Hairstyling license upon completion of the Program.

Willingboro High School is offering AP Language and Composition for high performing juniors.

Contemporary Young Adult Literature:

This course traces the development of modern literature in the last 40 years where students will study a variety of genres: past and present. This course provides the platform for making rich, real-life connections to literature.  Students will be able to express themselves through a variety of creative activities, and demonstrate understanding of key contemporary ideas by completing performance tasks that fuse current web-based programs and instruction to provide students with a well-rounded literary experience. Students will explore multiculturalism and how it contributes to a continuously advancing a diverse America, and study some controversial selections that are appropriate in understanding the world as it continues to evolve. The selections also inspire activities aligned with the common core standards.

AP 11 Language and Composition:

Prerequisite: Minimum “B” average in English 10 Honors or “A” average in CP English 10.

This course engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. The course emphasizes the expository, analytical, argumentative writing, as well as the personal and reflective writing.  Students’ writing will be based on reading,as well as, on personal experience, and observation. Students will also learn how to read primary and secondary sources carefully, to synthesize material from these texts in their own composition, and to cite sources using conventions recommended by professional organizations such as the Modern Language Association (MLA). This course is recommended for advanced proficient eleventh graders interested in the AP12 track.

MiddleSchool Robotics:

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide an introduction to robotics and encourage young people to explore the technology that encompasses robotics. Our goal is to inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects that will open the door to career opportunities in the aviation and space realm.


System 44 is an intensive foundational phonics and decoding intervention reading response program for our most challenged readers in Grades 3-12. From the creators of Scholastic's Read 180 program, System 44 will be piloted this year in each school targeting our non-readers to beginning readers in both general and special education programs.


Naviance college and career readiness solution is a proven resource that both middle and high school students utilize to research and explore hundreds of colleges and career paths. As part of the district-wide investment to enhance college and career readiness for our students, we eagerly look forward to the positive impact Naviance will have on our students' goal-setting, establishing academic plans to meet their goals, and desire to be life-long learners.


Our desire is to meet our students’ needs and move them into our 21st Century world prepared, inspired, and ready to make significant contributions to humanity. All English Language Learners in grades 9-12 will receive an iPad to assist them in mastering the English Language. The purpose of this initiative is to accelerate the acquisition of phonics, vocabulary, fluency, reading-comprehension skills, and other language building blocks for our ESL students. Students will have access to software to improve their English fluency.

Middle School Curriculum Updates

On June 16, 2010, the NJDOE adopted a plan for the implementation of revised curricula.  The plan required that districts adopt the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in grades 6-8, beginning September 2013.  With that goal in mind, Willingboro Public Schools has adopted a new textbook and revised the middle school math curriculum.  Our teachers had a great deal of input and influence in the adoption of the textbook and the revised curriculum.  We are certain that the addition of these new resources will provide our teachers with the additional confidence and tools needed to engage student learning on all levels.

Benchmark Assessments

Last school year the high school implemented NWEA MAP assessments to measure student growth, design instructional programs based on student’s needs, and to identify learning readiness and opportunities for student growth.  This school year we will use NWEA MAP in grades 1 to 12 to measure student achievement and to improve instruction. Research indicates that the frequency of student assessments directly correlates to student achievement. Periodic benchmark assessments are implemented to provide school and district administrators with timely internal educational data to drive instruction of critically needed conceptual development in the classroom.

K-12th Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum is a set of predetermined work plans developed by or for teachers to use in classrooms by which the content, scope, and sequence of that content, and the skills taught through that content are defined and configured. Formal curriculum is predetermined and it structures the curriculum of the school, and appears in curriculum guides, state regulations, or officially sanctioned scope and sequence charts. Core Curriculum focuses on content and skills basic to the disciplines of Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. We are excited to announce that teachers in grades K-12th beginning Fall 2012, will utilize an updated curriculum that provides pacing and instructional guidance for our elementary schools based upon the 2009 NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, as well as the new Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics.

Textbook Inventory & Management System

With the full implementation of the Follett web-based Textbook Management System, administrators will finally be able to account for and share available textbook resources within our school district electronically, and more efficiently adopt new texts as required.

Textbook Adoption

An innovative textbook adoption program, whereby required texts are secured through a lease agreement was recently approved by the Board of Education.Through this initiative, a long standing issue of dated instructional resources has been addressed. To date, new textbooks have been purchased for Geometry, Algebra, PreAlgebra, Social Studies, Biology, Science, World Languages, K-8 Music, and K-5 Literacy. 

Preliminary SAT Scoring Service (PSSS)

The PSSS will provide students with opportunities to learn and practice proven strategies for successful aptitude testing. The PSSS test measures critical reading, mathematics and writing skills using the pre-disclosed 2012 PSAT/NMSQT Saturday test form. We will use the PSSS to help guide and inspire our students as they plan for their promising future.

Gifted and Talented Program Expansion

During Winter 2011, Willingboro schools embarked on a journey to restore the Gifted & Talented Program for students in grades 3-5. Teachers helped develop students who demonstrated high levels of proficiency on multiple platforms of assessment in their park school. The instructors, through partnerships with both William and Mary University and Rutgers University, were tasked to challenge these students to think critically and expand their aptitudes. Last school year, these opportunities were expanded to the middle grades.

Alternative Education Programming

Our desire to meet the needs of all of our students inspired the designed an Alternative Education Program which will be located at Bookbinder School this school year. The Alternative Program helps to academically prepare students who can benefit from smaller learning communities in an environment where alternative learning styles are explored to promote students success. Additionally, this program supports students who are returning to Willingboro Public Schools from out of district placements.  


The New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC), as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:7A-3 et seq., is a system whereby all public school districts in the State are monitored and evaluated. NJQSAC is designed to be a single,comprehensive accountability system that consolidates and incorporates the monitoring requirements of applicable State and Federal programs. This year we will continue to execute the State approved District Improvement Plan (DIP) to ensure compliance with the five established NJQSAC components: Instruction and Programs; Fiscal Management; Personnel; Governance; and Operations.

Middle School Sports Initiative

Willingboro School District is very pleased to announce the successful restoration of competitive sports for our middle grade students. We believe the reinstatement of Athletic programs at the Middle School will augment our overall program; by both motivating students to improve their performance away from the competitive environments and providing leadership opportunities for youngsters.

Professional Development Partnerships

In an effort to accelerate the academic performance of our students, and the instructional capacity of our teachers in secondary settings; the Willingboro School District is excited to announce multiple Professional Development Partnerships with Texas Instruments, and Progressive Mathematics Institute (Mathematics), Children’s Literacy Initiative, and Standard Solution (Language Arts and Social Studies).

Data Points

Benefits of the successful use of data to improve student achievement...

'The planned use of data is a common characteristic among schools that are high performing and beat the odds in terms of student achievement.The use of data to drive educational decision making results in improved teacher practices and school culture. Teachers report greater differentiation of instruction, greater collaboration among staff, increased sense of teacher efficacy, and improved identification of students' learning needs as outcomes of data use.'

New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) Data Points...
Standards Review and Listening Tour Sessions
All DOE Data & Reports
Data Collection Information Center
Excellent Educators for New Jersey (EE4NJ)
NJ Quality Single Accountability Continuum

 NJDOE HIB Guidance

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

NJDOE has posted materials on their CCSS page, those that you might find useful for back-to-school events, school or district newsletters, school board meetings, or other interactions with parents and the public:
1. CCSS for Parents and Families: Overview: This 2-page document provides basic
    facts about the standards and how they are being implemented in schools.
2. CCSS for Parents and Families: Myths & Facts: This 2-page document addresses
    common misconceptions about the CCSS.
3. CCSS for Parents and Families: Resources: This 2-page document includes an
    annotated, categorized list of online resources that explain and exemplify the
4. CCSS Brochure for Parents and Families: This tri-fold brochure includes a basic
    explanation of the CCSS and remarks from major  stakeholders who support the
    standards, including the NJEA, NJPSA, PTA, business and higher education
    communities, etc.



PARCC Online Assessments This Spring

In the spring of 2015, NJ schools grades 3 to 11 participated in PARCC assessments via an online testing platform.  We, Willingboro Public Schools, demonstrated our ability to successfully administer these online assessments with the right technological infrastructure. Our school-based leaders have already initiated the necessary planning required to successfully execute the District's plan for 2015-2016 PARCC Administration. We are now on more familiar ground, and our focus to help students master the subject content standards while growing more comfortable with the online format is front and center. So the message below released before our first PARCC experience reinforces the focus of our studednts understanding the Core Content State Standards and online testing platform familiarity. Now is the time to make sure that all stakeholders, (i.e., Parents, Students, Teachers, and Administrators), are in sync ready to support and encourage our students' success!


The more familiar teachers are with the test administration requirements, the more comfortable you will be.  While your principal and technology coordinator will focus on bandwidth and devices, you can help ensure a smooth test administration by making sure that your students are prepared with content knowledge and familiarity with the technology.
How can the district help students and teachers feel comfortable with the online assessments?

  1. Know the process.  Teachers and students can become familiar with the testing process so that all know the expectations on how the administration of the assessments will be facilitated.  The testing website is prepared to house modules to assist school staff with the online assessment process.  Stay tuned.
  2. Know the format of the test questions.  PARCC has many practice tests online.  Review the test samples with the understanding that the navigation and look of the test may be different during the actual performance-based and/or end-of-year assessments.  The test developer has a site prepared for school staff and students.  Review the information on the following sites and practice with the sample tests - individually and with the whole class.

  1. Know the technology.  Teachers should facilitate the use of the technology across all content areas, which is the same technology and use of technology that is utilized for the assessments.  The testing environment should not be the first time the students touch the device or use technology to perform certain tasks.

The NJDOE has a one-stop shop for PARCC questions.  Contact to have questions or concerns addressed.  We are excited about this move toward a new mode of testing delivery.  We welcome your comments.  With your input, the testing program can continually improve.

Source: The Bridge, 09/14

PARCC for Educators - PARCC’s goal is to provide guidance and support to help teachers bring the Common Core State Standards to life in their classrooms. PARCC is developing tools and resources aligned to the CCSS and the PARCC assessments. Click here to see a resource overview. Eventually, these resources will be available on the Partnership Resource Center (PRC), a dynamic and interactive web-based library of all PARCC resources and materials. The PRC will be available in 2014. Visit PARCC for Educators for more information.
PARCC Practice Tests - These tests include samples of the PARCC assessments, answer keys, and English Language Arts (ELA) scoring rubrics. Click here to navigate to the practice test site. See linked PARCC FAQs.
Common Core State Standards (CCSS) - resources for our Parent stakeholders can be accessed by clicking here for the State website and visit the Common Core States Initiative website for additional resources. Also see NJDOE's CCSS website
PARCC Assessments - The New Jersey Department of Education homepage for PARCC.