The “Annual End of the School Year Close-Out Process Manual” provides instructions, forms and documents for each School Administrator.  The forms will be used to validate and certify the successful completion of the academic year.

    This process is a significant leadership accountability performance measure, and its ultimate goal is to increase organizational efficiency.  It has been strategically designed to systemically incorporate all critical areas of our school district, inclusive of the offices of the following: Chief of Schools, Chief Academic Officer, Director of Human Resources, Business Administrator, Director of Special Services, Director of School Security, and the Student Information System Specialist.

    In accordance with the newly established annual Close-Out Process, each administrator must verify and obtain official certification that all critical instructional and operational tasks have been completed with fidelity.  The successful completion of this “two-step” process denotes the official close-out of the academic school year, which is delineated herein.

    End of the School Year Close-Out Manual