”The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics”-Unknown

    Jennifer Brandon, Professional Development Specialist, Mathematics, K-12

    440 Beverly Rancocas Road, Country Club Administration Bldg., Room 22

    Office: 609.835.8600 ext. 1035

    Email: jbrandon@wboe.net


    Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction

    The goal of the Willingboro Public School District's math program is for students to think like a mathematician: to understand numbers, to analyze uncertainty, to comprehend the properties of shapes, and to study how things change over time.  Quantitative reasoning is essential for survival and success in an increasingly data-rich world.  Our students will be able to communicate mathematically and will come to view math topics as interesting and enjoyable to study.  Our students will use mathematics as a tool to help organize and understand information and to solve problems related to their interests.
    Our newly revised mathematics curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and connects mathematical content to mathematical practices.  Math instruction in Willingboro Public Schools is based on researched best practices in mathematics and the following:
    •   a well- articulated curriculum that is aligned to the CCSS,
    •   has interwoven technology,
    •   is connected in meaningful ways to other curricula areas,
    •   focused on real life experiences,
    •   provides for differentiated needs of students, and 
    •  leads to equity and excellence in math achievement for all children regardless of the school they attend. 
    Common Core Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice
    The full Common Core Document can be accessed at:

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