Biography - Nadine Tribbett

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Ms. Nadine E. Tribbett graduated from Camden High School in Camden, New Jersey. Her earlier educational experiences highlighted the disparity between educational systems and demonstrated how they could influence positive and negative educational outcomes to provide quality student learning. This experience was punctuated from having attended suburban school settings in Maryland, then transitioning to an inner city urban school setting.

During her freshman year in high school, she sought scholarships targeted at providing her a deeper knowledge base, a more enriching educational experience and a broader academic offering in an effort to make her more globally competitive, specifically in the mathematics and sciences. During this time, she was awarded the “Math and Science for Minority Students” Scholarship. This competitive and highly coveted scholarship provided a 3-year summer attendance at Andover Academy Preparatory in Boston, MA. The educational focused on a concentration on advanced sciences and mathematics. The Andover Academy learning experience fueled Nadine’s zest for knowledge and learning. It was while attending this prep school program she realized the significant positive impact educators have on students from various economic backgrounds and cultures. She observed how the educational rigors and high expectations set the stage for advancing student learning.

Ms. Tribbett continued her educational career at Trenton State College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree, in Biology. She later attended The College of New Jersey, where she earned her Master Degree in Educational Leadership. Upon graduating she went on to work at the Liposome Pharmaceutical Company in Princeton, New Jersey. She furthered her knowledge in education by accepting a position at the Johns Hopkins Success For All Foundation in Baltimore, MD. As a result of this experience she was given the opportunity to engage various learning environments across the country and provide consultation on researched based instructional practices and learning strategies that promoted quality instruction and learning in reading and mathematics. In these consultative roles, she was able to work with administrators and teachers to implement strategic learning goals, curriculum design and data analysis.

Ms. Tribbett continued her lifelong pursuit of education by pursuing an administrative position in Willingboro Public Schools in 2003 as an Assistant Principal. Since then she has risen through the leadership ranks serving as a Principal, Director of Even Start and a Director of Curriculum & Instruction. Following the successful and productive experiences in each of the roles she is currently serving as the Acting Superintendent of Willingboro Public Schools.

In 2011 Ms. Tribbett was recognized by the NAACP for her leadership role as an administrator and her efforts to influence student achievement. Her professional affiliations include NJPSA and NJASA. In her personal life she is a devoted daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Her love for children keep her goals focused on making every decision purposefully serve students.