• Transportation Information
    Mission Statement
    To provide a safe and appropriate environment for students and adults on our school buses is a priority of the Transportation Department. In order to accomplish this priority it takes the help of informed and effective bus drivers, school staff, parents, and students following the lead of adults helping to maintain a safe, orderly, and harassment free school bus.
    Listed below are Rules and Expectations for students riding the school buses and Parent Information. The importance of adhering to these rules and expectation is essential to our effort to provide safe and secure bus transportation for all transported students.

    Parents, please note that private bus services such as "Kids To and From School", “Daddy’s Day Care” and “Kid Town” are not Board approved nor solicited by the Willingboro Board of Education. Therefore, the Board of Education will not accept any responsibility for their services. 
    This includes, but is not limited to, discipline incidents on the bus, lateness to school and failure to pick up students after school. Parents/Guardians who utilize private vendors assume any and all responsibility and liability for their children when using these services. 
    Recently, these three vendors have failed state inspections and in some cases have been barred from transporting students.  If you have questions about school bus safety please follow this link to find out how buses are inspected and to look up your child's bus on the NJ motor vehicle's bus safety database.

    Contact Information
    Mr. Alberto Silva
    Transportation Coordinator
    (609) 835-8786  ext. 1