• Office of Academics
    This section will be used to post Professional Development (PD) Opportunities. Please adhere to Professional Development Policy and Regulation 3240.
    Policy and Regulation Notes:
    • Requests for participation in professional development activities must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent or designee (i.e., Principal/Supervisor) for approval to include:
      • The date, time, and place of the meeting
      • The name and address of the sponsoring organization
      • The purpose of the meeting and its anticipated value to the school or district
      • Submit PD Flyer or Event Announcement with written request
    • Board of Education must approve all travel expenditures
    • Professional Development attendees must submit a written report of the PD activity to the Chief Academic Officer within 10 days of PD event to include:
      • Primary purpose of PD activity; Meeting content
      • Key issues addressed at the PD event; staff member's critique and recommendation for future attendance
      • Relevance to improving instruction or operations of the school district

    Each PD participant must complete the four part NCR/Carbon transfer Professional Trip Request Form and provide a justification of needs prior to attending the professional development activity.  What follows is a sample Justification Form, and a blank Justification Form in Word document format. 

    Please remember to draft and submit a written report to included the content mentioned in the three (3) bulleted items above.  


        Professional Development (PD) Opportunities: 
        Common Resources and PD Opportunities