New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC)

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The New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC), as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:7A-3 et seq., is a system whereby all public school districts in the State are monitored and evaluated. NJQSAC is designed to be a single, comprehensive accountability system that consolidates and incorporates the monitoring requirements of applicable State and Federal programs. Under NJQSAC, public school districts are evaluated in five key component areas of school district effectiveness—instruction and program, personnel, fiscal management, operations and governance—to determine the extent to which public school districts are providing a thorough and efficient education. The standards and criteria by which public school districts are evaluated will assess actual achievement, progress toward proficiency, local capacity to operate without State intervention, and the need for support and assistance provided by the State.

The Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools provides administrative oversight responsibility for district-wide NJQSAC compliance. The following information represents past and current district-wide NJQSAC processes and related activities. To access information please click the corresponding links below. Periodic updates will be posted.

NJQSAC / Historical Process OverviewThis represents the performance ratings in the five (5) Component Areas as a result of the NJ State Department Cycle II Findings
State Audit Results - Jul 2011 (Cycle II)Cycle II State Audit Results
District Improvement Plan (DIP) PowerPoint Presentation to WBOESep 2011
Members of the NJQSAC Steering Committee provided the BOE with a formal update of the District’s Improvement Plan in response to the July 2011 State Audit Results
Component Area DIP Submission to NJ DOE -
Oct 2011
DIP on Instruction and Program
DIP on Fiscal Management 
DIP on Operations
DIP on Personnel
DIP on Governance
This represents the actual DIP per component area for each DPR which was out of compliance as cited in the July 2011 State Audit Report
Statement of Assurance to NJ DOEDec 2011Copy of the actual SOA which was approved by WBOE and submitted to NJ DOE
NJQSAC Internal Audit Review ProcessThis represents a description of the Internal Audit Process of the Willingboro Public School District
Phase I: Central Administration Documentation Audit - Internal Audit Review Report Card - Feb 2012A comprehensive review by component area of artifacts/documentation verifying compliance with targeted DPR’s
DIP Approval from NJ DOEMar 2012Copy of NJDOE’s official approval letter for the District’s Improvement Plan
File Reconfiguration for New DPR Alignment - 
Apr 2012
Notice to staff of the increased documentation and accountability requirements
Phase IIa: School-Based Statement of Assurance Instructions and Inventory templateMay 2012Copy of School-Based Statement of Assurance instructions and Inventory template per component
Phase IIb: Component Leader Review of SOA Inventory Responses - Jun 2012
School-Based SOA - Instruction and Program
School-Based SOA - Fiscal Management
School-Based SOA - Operations
School-Based SOA - Personnel
School-Based SOA - Governance
Copy of School-Based Statement of Assurance Inventory completed template per component
Phase IIIa: Final Component Leader Readiness Review ProcessAug 2012The four (4) Step process Component Leaders followed to ensure school-based readiness
Phase IIIb: Internal Audit Team Certifies Component Leader AuditSep/Oct 2012This represents the critical activities, goals and timeline for certification of district readiness
State Follow-up Visit - Oct 2012
Interim Review Placement - Mar 2013
The NJ DOE Site Visit Findings and Performance Rating
Revised District Improvement Plan - May 2013The District's revised improvement action plan
State Approval Letter <insert doc here> - Jun 2013NJ DOE approves DIP and Executive County Superintendent will re-evaluate district progress in Dec 2013