welcome to the willingboro high school athletic department

COVID PROCEDURES: Willingboro High School is limiting spectators to (2) two family members per athlete. Social distancing & masks are required. The bleachers will be marked to encourage proper social distancing.

Athletic Department Staff

Athletic Director: Leon Owen (lowen@wboe.net); (609) 835-8800, x3066

Athletic Secretary: Carla Thomas (cthomas@wboe.net); (609) 835-8800, x3065, fax (609) 835-3965

Athletic Trainer: Tonda Seals (tseals@wboe.net); (609) 835-8800, x3064


The athletic program at WHS is designed to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral well-being of the participants.

Willingboro High School (WHS):

20 S. John F. Kennedy Way

Willingboro, NJ 08046

Mascot: Chimeras

The athletic program at MMS is a feeder program for the high school.

Memorial Middle School (MMS):

451 Van Sciver Parkway

Willingboro, NJ 08046

Mascot: Lions

(WHS) - Willingboro High School (MMS) Memorial Middle School

Fall SportsWinter SportsSpring Sports
Football (WHS)
Wrestling (WHS)Baseball (WHS)
Soccer (Boys & Girls) (WHS) (MMS)Basketball (Boys & Girls) (WHS) (MMS)Softball (WHS) (MMS)
Girls Tennis (WHS)Indoor Track (Boys & Girls) (WHS)Track and Field (Boys & Girls) (WHS) (MMS)

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