Lesson Plan Information

Staff will complete and submit lesson plans through edConnect. All staff members must complete and submit lesson plans individually.  These lesson plans must be based on and aligned to the BOE-approved district curricula, which is also housed in edConnect.

For step-by-step directions on how to build lesson plans in edConnect, please click HERE.

Lesson Plan naming conventions will be as such:

  • Last Name, First Name. Course/Grade. Unit #. Start Date - End Date.
  • Example:  Zalika, Ron. Science 6. Unit 1. 9/17/18 - 9/28/18. 

Lesson Plans are due for submission in edConnect by 9 AM on the Thursday before the following Monday 

  • (example: due Thursday 9/13 at 9 AM for Monday 9/17)

Lesson Plans are due EVERY week on Thursday at 9 AM for:

  • general education/inclusion teachers in Grades 1-4
  • ELA & Math teachers in Grades 5-12
  • Self-Contained teachers in Grades 1-12

Lesson Plans are due EVERY OTHER week on Thursday at 9 AM for:

  • Specialist/Related Arts teachers in Grades 1-12
  • Social Studies /Science teachers in Grades 5-12

Sample Lesson Plan can be found below:

The first submission of lesson plans for staff in Grades 1-12 will be on Thursday 9/13 @ 9 AM.