Summer Reading for Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to share our summer reading lists for Summer 2018 for all students. We are providing a suggested summer reading list that will provide suggestions for popular and age appropriate text selections to enjoy over the summer. These book lists will also be shared with local libraries in Willingboro, Burlington County, and Mt. Laurel as well as the Barnes and Noble in Moorestown.

Additionally, we have included some reading strategies and a reading log that will help you to support your child at home and track their progress. We hope that your child or children look forward to reading this summer and encourage take the opportunity to engage in many rewarding activities to help them discover books that they love.

The philosophy underlying this summer reading list supports the following best practices in instruction and also encourages reading for enjoyment in hopes to create lifelong learners. Research tells us that students need to read during the summer to maintain their independent reading levels. In the Fall, the impact of a student not having read during the summer months, combined with the fact that many of his or her new classmates did read during the summer may result in a reading ability gap that could potentially widen each year making it difficult for students to keep up with grade level reading expectations,

Research also tells us that we should encourage students to choose from a wide variety of books that will allow them to select books that appeal to their individual interests. We want your children to look forward to the luxury of time that summer will provide and allow them to experience the joy of reading books they will love. We hope our students will anticipate the publishing of a new book by a favorite author with the same enthusiasm they await the release of a new movie or video game!

Texts students choose may be the traditional print or eBook versions. Help your child to see the summer as a time when they can dive into books that feed their imagination and special interests. Think about some of the books you read and loved as a child and consider sharing your favorites to spark their interest in reading the book to create a shared memory.

Wishing you a wonderful summer of reading!

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction
Willingboro Public Schools