Willingboro Schools are Ready
for the 2009-2010 Flu Season

Much has been reported in the media about the novel H1N1 influenza strain that has spread rapidly throughout the world. While this strain of influenza (flu) is relatively mild for most people and similar to the seasonal flu there are some differences. Compared to seasonal flu which is most severe among older adults, the age groups affected with H1N1 are generally younger. Our school community is taking precautions now to lessen the impact the virus will have on our schools as we move through the year.

Below are links that provide information about the H1N1 flu virus, how to protect yourself and others, and what you do if you become ill. Students and faculty/staff can also navigate to the pages below for Willingboro Schools-specific information regarding H1N1 planning.


Find Localized Flu Information
Going on vacation? Just want to know influenza stats for our local area? Check out the map below to get access to area-specific information about the seasonal and H1N1 influenza.


Additional Information & Resources
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(Updated 9/1/2009)
Parent Fact Sheets:
Check out the podcast below from Kidtastics about preventing the spread of germs!