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    Our Philosophy

    Willingboro Township Public Schools are focused, on providing a strong educational foundation, and preparing our students to achieve academic and social excellence. We are committed to using all resources,
    encourage pride in our community and celebrate our diversity. 

    Partnering with parents, students, teachers, and community members, we will develop and enhance a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and reflects the best research-based instructional and assessments practices.

    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is dedicated to provide a quality education for all students to ensure a strong academic base on which students can build higher order thinking skills that will help make them lifelong learners. 


    Important Resources

    NJ Department of Education Student Learning Expectations

    Contact Information:
    WPS Office of Curriculum & Instruction

    Ron Zalika

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction





    Marti Hill

    Associate Director of Instruction & Programs



    Jennifer Brandon

    Supervisor of Instruction - Science


    Supervisor of Instruction - Math

    Sharon Williams

    Supervisor of Instruction - Literacy