Reflect on the lesson you have developed and rate the degree to which the lesson Strongly, Moderately or Weakly meets the criteria below.

Lesson Activities:




Are challenging and require higher order thinking and problem solving skills




Allow for student choice




Provide scaffolding for acquiring targeted knowledge/skills




Integrate global perspectives




Integrate 21st century skills




Provide opportunities for interdisciplinary connection and transfer of knowledge and skills




Foster student use of technology as a tool  to develop critical thinking, creativity and innovation skills




Are varied to address different student learning styles and preferences




Are differentiated based on student needs




Are student-centered with teacher acting as a facilitator and co-learner during the teaching and learning process




Provide means for students to demonstrate knowledge and skills and progress in meeting learning goals and objectives




Provide opportunities for student  reflection and self-assessment




Provide data to inform and adjust instruction to better meet the varying needs of learners