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    “I'm like a phoenix. I rise from the ashes” - Bess Myerson


    The mission of the Alternative Education Program is toprovide a safe and structured environment that meets each individual student’seducational needs. In addition to meeting their educational needs, the programis designed to address the behaviors that led them to the AEP and assist eachstudent in modifying his/her inappropriate behaviors. Our teachers use avariety of teaching techniques such as collaborative learning,direct-instruction, peer-mediated instruction, small interactive groups andstrategy instruction to reach all levels and learning styles. The students aremonitored using a behavior modification system based on rewarding positivebehaviors rather than reinforcing negative behavior. Principal, Teachers, BehaviorSpecialist, and a Crisis Intervention Specialist closely monitor and worktogether to modify student behavior and provide a successful transition back tothe regular day program or in case of seniors, graduate from their homeschool.   


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