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  • P.S.A.T. 2017/2018 Information


    Attention all WHS Juniors:

    Distribution of the P.S.A.T. Practice Test and Student Guide Booklets will take place on 9/26/17​.

     Pre Gridding for P.S.A.T. will be on 10/4/17

    The P.S.A.T. will be administered at WHS on10/11/17.

    You can study for the P.S.A.T. by using the S.A.T. prep booklet available below.

     Regiser for the S.A.T.  T.B.A.

     S.A.T. Prep Booklet 

    2017/18  AP Testing  T.B. A.

    About A.P. Testing 

    P.A.R.C.C. Testing at WHS:

    P.A.R.C.C. Practice Tests - These tests include samples of the P.A.R.C.C. assessments, answer keys, and English Language Arts (ELA) scoring rubrics. Click here to navigate to the practice test site. See linked P.A.R.C.C. F.A.Q.s.

     P.A.R.C.C. for Educators - P.A.R.C.C.’s goal is to provide guidance and support to help teachers bring the Common Core State Standards to life in their classrooms. P.A.R.C.C. is developing tools and resources aligned to the C.C.S.S. and the P.A.R.C.C. assessments. Click here. to see a resource overview. Eventually, these resources will be available on the Partnership Resource Center (PRC), a dynamic and interactive web-based library of all P.A.R.C.C. resources and materials. Visit P.A.R.C.C._for_Educators for more information.



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  • Uniform compliance is required.  


          All stakeholders of the Willingboro High School community will earnestly work to develop a culture and climate that transforms our school community into a thriving marketplace of learning where graduates are prepared to enter society with a quality education, ready to compete in the global arena.
           The Willingboro High School stakeholders will increase student achievement by providing quality instruction focused on sustained increased student engagement.
          We will consistently use research based, differentiated instructional practices, 
    academic discourse and available technology to   frequently assess and monitor student learning.  
          We will use the Common Core Standards and Willingboro Public Schools curriculum to develop instructional goals based on the needs of the learners we serve.
          We will consistently reflect and evaluate instructional practices, participate in professional communities, communicate with families and participate in professional development opportunities to further ensure our ability to maintain an effective level of professionalism that maximizes the impact of instruction.  
          We will clearly communicate expectations for academic and social interactions between all stakeholders to foster a climate that is conducive to learning.

Principal's Message

  •  Principal's Message 
    Mrs. Kimberly B. Ash, Principal
    It is with great pride and humility that I serve the Willingboro High School community. Being a part of the Chimera family is both an honor and a privilege.  
    I fully commit my efforts to the transformation of our school into a thriving market place of learning where all stakeholders are free from obstacles that prevent or hinder positive social, emotional and intellectual growth.It is my goal to lead our school to Blue Ribbon status by partnering with faculty, staff and community members to realize goals that include, but are not limited to, these core standards: 
    • Setting a widely shared vision for learning
    • Developing a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning  and staff professional growth
    • Ensuring effective management of  the organization, operation, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment  
    • Collaborating with faculty and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources
    • Understanding, responding to, and influencing the political, social, legal,and cultural contexts
    • Acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner 
    I look forward to a year of great strides as our students glean from the efforts of our awesome team of educators.

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