Ms. Gauntt's The Birth of America Project 2017Click on the highlighted topic to read about the research and resources gathered for this topic. If you have questions about the content of these topics, please see the media specialist.Topics1.Affects of War on Veterans (highlight the civil war veterans) – Jordan

2.Rise of Big Business in America

3. Immigration vs Nativism –Jalene

4. How mining affected America- Mason

5. How ranching affected America

6. Free enterprise in America

7. What happened to Railroads in America- Matthew

8. How segregation affected African Americans- Domonique

9. New Jersey’sstance on African Americans after the Civil War

10. The formation of Unions in America- Deljahnea

11. What is Realism – Parris

12. What is Social Darwinism and is it still followed today?

13. Andrew Carnegie- Justin

14. John D Rockefeller- Jayiare

15. JP Morgan

16. History of Ellis Island – Jalen

17. Jane Addams – Teresita

These research pathfinders are meant to give you a start on your projects. If you require help, please see the media specialist. Please see Ms. Gauntt for rubric information, dates of presentation and other project information. The information collected for this research originates from various sources and databases. Each pathfinder provides specific citation information. Some expanded links require a username and password to access. Please see the media specialist with any questions.