Willingboro Public Schools
Student Assistance Resources
Donna Leonard- District Student Assistance Coordinator

WHS 609 835-8800 ext. 3021 (MWF)


The Student Assistance Program is committed to meet the needs of all students by offering education, prevention, intervention, and referral services in the area of high risk behaviors including use of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and addictive and violent behaviors.

Web Resources for parents:

Mental Health Information Resources:

Burlington County Access Numbers For Mental Health Services For Children

(All phone numbers are area code 609 unless otherwise noted)

Emergency Services:

Crisis Screening Center @ Lourdes Hospital in Willingboro: 835-6180
Mobile Response & Stabilization Services: 877-652-7624
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK

Information & Referral

Contact (24 hour hotline): 856-234-8888
The Mental Health Association of Southwest NJ: 856-966-6767

Partnership for Children

Perform Care (Contracted Systems Administrator use to access case management and mobile response):1-877-652-7624

Evaluation & Out Patient Treatment

Hampton Hospital: 267-7000
SODAT: 265-7884
Princeton House: 856-779-8455
The Center for Family Services 1-800-963-3377

Substance Abuse Treatment

SODAT: 265-7884
Hampton Hospital:1-800-603-6767
Post House: 726-7155
Alcoholics Anonymous: 856-486-4444
Seabrook House (inpatient): 1-800-582-5968