Non-profit and community groups are permitted to send flyers home with students in accordance with District Policy 9700 and district guidelines. The requesting organization must go through a request process and must print its own flyers. Organizations should wait for approval before printing any flyers as changes may be required to conform to district policy and guidelines.


  • Because of the overwhelming number of requests for flyer distribution, flyers must be submitted two (2) weeks before the distribution date. Please allow five (5) business days for review of your flyer.

  • Flyers must be submitted for approval to the Superintendent's Office via Lauryn France, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at

  • The only flyers that will be approved by the Superintendent of Schools are flyers from non-profit organizations, city/county offices, government entities, community clubs and organizations informing students and parents/guardians of cultural, educational, or recreational activities sponsored by the organization. The organization's non-profit letter (IRS 501C) is required when submitting a flyer for approval for the first time.

  • The flyer must be educational in nature, supporting the educational mission of Willingboro Public Schools and/or benefiting the population of Willingboro Public Schools in a positive manner. Materials for distribution must not promote any commercial, religious, or political interest/organization.

  • All flyers to be distributed shall bear the name and contact of the sponsoring entity.

  • If the function on the flyer is taking place at a school or district facility (i.e.. multi-purpose room, classroom, or gym), prior approval must be obtained from the Facilities Department. A copy of the approved "Use of Facilities" form must accompany the flyer submitted for approval. Additional time for the use of facilities approval is not counted as part of the flyer approval process.

  • The original version of the flyer must be submitted for approval via email. Once the flyer has been approved and if it is approved for distribution, you will receive an approval email. ALL FLYERS DISTRIBUTED MUST BE APPROVED. Superintendent will email the flyer to the schools. No additional information or changes can be made to an approved flyer.

  • Flyers for school fundraisers must be submitted by the school or department holding the fundraiser. Flyers from businesses pledging to make donations to schools will no longer be accepted unless they are submitted by a school as part of a specific fundraiser.

  • Approval of the flyer does not imply district endorsement of any identified product or service.

Flyers will not be approved unless they have met the above-mentioned criteria.