Willingboro School District Code of Conduct

The Willingboro Board of Education believes that an effective School Discipline Program is an integral component within the educational process. Discipline programs succeed when they identify and address the needs of all the participants. Certain rights and responsibilities are inherent in such a system. The foundation of good discipline is proper communication of these elements to ensure understanding by all participants. This system provides affirmation of the participant's’ rights and responsibilities. The Board of Education confirms its obligation to the community to provide a consistent, fair, and effective application of rehabilitative discipline standards. 

Willingboro High School Student Handbook - At A Glance

The At A Glance is the handbook for all students, covering information from hallway routines to ID cards. Students should review the At A Glance Handbook each year, and reference it whenever questions arise before seeking a Guidance Counselor or Administrator. 

Program of Studies

The Program of Studies highlights all of the courses available at Willingboro High School. Students should reference the Program of Studies prior to selecting courses for the upcoming year.