Our goal at Willingboro High School is to prepare our students to become productive members of society and to motivate students to continue their formal or informal education after high school. Through the services of our guidance department, students have access to material on colleges, scholarships, academic programs and occupational information. We are proud to announce that 72% of the class of 2007 will attend 2 and or 4 year colleges and universities, 3% made military commitments, 8% attended vocational/technical institutions, 6% were uncommitted, and 7% entered full time employment.

The constituency of WHS believes that the administration, faculty, student body, and parents must be consistently involved in continuing to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and in making education an important and attainable goal for each and every student.

Cultural activities, clubs and sports are also integral parts of our program. They provide an opportunity for exploration in areas of interest outside the classroom. In an atmosphere of freedom, students learn to express themselves, to share, to work together, to learn respect for the rights of others, and to work toward a common goal. The four tenets to all extra curricula activities are 1. Respect diversity 2. Encourage cultural awareness 3. Maintain a drug free environment 4. Maintain an anti-violence posture.

The academic goals of WHS are closely interfaced with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Skills. Our goal is to provide for each of our students the opportunity of a thorough and efficient high school education. The framework for this challenge is to seriously embrace the core curriculum content standards established by the State Department of Education.

We have used these standards as a guide to realign our curriculum. The administration, faculty and staff are committed to the following goals and challenges as they relate to providing an excellent education for our students; to have them become productive citizens in a multi-cultural, democratic society, to provide our students with a variety of theoretical and practical experiences; to prepare our students to meet the demands of change; to encourage creativity and stimulate intellectual curiosity; to emphasize the importance of linking school-based learning with career options; and to provide our students with both school-based and work-based learning experiences by emphasizing the five cross-content workplace readiness standards. We feel that each of the above stated goals and challenges are very much in line with the Willingboro Public Schools’ vision and mission statements.

We are proud of the many accomplishments of WHS students. Our students excel academically, socially, athletically and in the work place. We enhance the exposure of our students by positively showcasing their talents and accomplishments within the Willingboro community.

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The Administration, Guidance Staff, Students and Faculty say Welcome to Willingboro High school!


Willingboro is a suburban community of single family homes, located in Burlington County, New Jersey, just 20 miles outside of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The population is comprised of largely multi-cultural, middle class professional and working people. Most residents are involved in managerial, government, trade, and institutional employment.


Willingboro High School (WHS) is a comprehensive suburban high school, with a population of approximately 1,048 students and 101 teachers. The administrative team consists of a principal, 3 assistant principals and a head guidance counselor. The ethnic composition of the student body is approximately 88% Black; 3% White, 7% Hispanic; 2% Asian and Native American. Our students are offered a variety of Vocational, Business, Fine and Performing Arts, and Technical programs in addition to the required core content curriculum. A Junior Air force ROTC program is offered for those interested in exploring a military career. A college preparatory program and advanced placement (honors/accelerated) program are offered for those whose occupational intentions require a college degree. Our high school offers extensive student activities and athletic programs.


The high school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Secondary School and Colleges and approved by the New Jersey Department of Education. Active Institutional membership in NACAC and CEEB is maintained.


Of the approximately 101 people in the professional teaching staff, many hold masters or other advanced degrees; some staff members hold doctorates. The expertise of the Willingboro High School faculty provides the individualization to serve all students.


Advanced Placement courses are offered in American History, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, English, European History, Latin, and Physics. Accelerated/Honors level courses are offered in the five academic disciplines. There is wide variety of advanced courses in the elective offerings. In order to meet the needs of our student population, an array of interesting courses supplements the traditional high school curriculum, subjects include art, computer programming, electronics, cooperative education, and music, . Several special science-related programs are offered in conjunction with such nationally known high technology companies as Lockheed-Martin.

Our Advanced Placement Program falls under the auspices of the College Entrance Examination Board. The Willingboro High School Advanced Placement Program offers courses in Biology, European History, Chemistry, Physics, American History, Government and Politics European History, Mathematics, English, French, Spanish, Computer Science and Psychology.


Willingboro High School students are very actively involved in extracurricular activities. Our students are recognized within the state and the nation, for their accomplishments in athletics, art, music, and government. More than 20% of the student body participate each semester in one or more of our extracurricular activities. Bands, orchestras, choruses, and special vocal and instrumental groups, have performed both within the United States and in foreign nations. Students have the opportunity to take part in activities such as the yearbook, school newspaper, peer intervention, and community assisting groups, and student government. This is a school which truly operates beyond the traditional class day!

Sampling of colleges where 2006 and 2007 Willingboro High School graduates were accepted:

American University
Barnard College
Boston University
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon College
Clark Atlanta University
Cornell University
Delaware State University
State University of New York
Drexel University
Duke University
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Florida A. & M. University
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Hampton University
Howard University
Illinois State University
Johns Hopkins University
Kean University
LaSalle University
Lincoln University
Mary Washington University
Montclair State College
Morehouse College
Morgan State UniversityN. C. A. & T. University
N. C. State University
N. J. Institute of Technology
Norfolk State University
Ohio State University
Pennsylvania State University
Princeton University
Purdue University
Rennselear Polytechnic Univ.
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Rider University
Rowan College
Rutgers University
Seton Hall University
Smith College
Spelman College
St. John’s University
Stevens Institute of Technology
Susquehanna University
Syracuse University
Temple University
The College of New Jersey
The College of William and Mary
Tulane University
Tuskegee University
University of Delaware
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Pittsburgh
University of Virginia
Ursinus College
Villanova University
Washington University
West Virginia Wesleyan Univ.
Xavier University


Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholars

Engineering Vanguard Program Scholarship

Gates Millenium Scholarship

James Dickson Carr Scholarship

National Achievement Scholarships

National Merit Scholarship Finalist

Papa John’s Scholarship

The Ron Brown Scholarship

Full and Partial Athletic Scholarships