Acting Principal of W.R. James, Sr. Elementary School
Shawn Marshall


Dear W. R. James Family,

It is with great pride and humility that I serve the students and families of W.R. James Elementary School. Being a part of the beloved Willingboro family is both an honor and a privilege for me. I believe that our students are among the best and brightest students that our nation has to offer. I further believe that each one possesses a unique set of talents and potential that must be nurtured and strengthened by all who touch their lives.

I believe that the elementary school experience has a tremendous impact on the adult lives of students. In as much, I am committed to elevating W. R. James to a status that makes us one of the nation’s most competitive schools as well as empowering our students to navigate the “new normal” of education. I will continue to develop a school community focused on nurturing our students intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

I am proud to lead a team of instructional leaders focused on:

  •  Fostering a climate that communicates a high regard for learners by

    supporting the professional growth of the teaching staff

  •  Positively impact student outcomes through the application of research

    based practices proven to provide academic growth opportunities for

    students at all levels, including students who need advancement and


  •  Fostering a climate in which students feel valued and significant to the

    school community and to one another by embedding opportunities for

    self-reflection and interpersonal connections into our daily experiences

  •  Continue the development of community partnerships that provide

    additional opportunities for students to explore college and career

    opportunities during their elementary school years and into adulthood

  •  Empower students to have a leadership role within the school

    community that extends into the Willingboro community

I expect that our students will put forth their highest level of effort to achieve their academic goals. I expect our teachers to support those efforts by availing themselves to teach beyond the norms using student outcomes to shape classroom experiences. I expect my administrative team to provide instructional leadership to our teachers in a partnership that improves student performance and academic progress.

I believe in the African adage, “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” and strive to instill that ideal to all who interact with our students. I believe in ‘Boro Pride. I believe that pride is manifested in our greatest asset-our students.