Richard Carreras
Food Service Assistant General Manager
609-835-8600 x4027
Krystal Tanner
Food Service General Manager
609-835-8600 x4027
Alberto Silva
Transportation Manager
Jennifer Brandon
Supervisor of Science
609-835-8600 x1035
Michael Braverman
Supervisor of Mathematics
609-835-8600 x1025
Tahiyyah Callaway
Attendance Officer/Homeless Liaison
609-835-8600 x
Lynne Calloway
Accounts Payable
609-835-8600 x1018
Shannon Carey
609-835-8600 x1015
Shavonne Carter
Supervisor of Guidance/Family Liaison
Orlando Chandler
Facilities Manager
609-835-8600 x7501
Marchelle Coleman
Supervisor of Special Services
609-835-8600 x1057
Phillip Crisostomo
Supervisor of Instructional Technology & Data Analysis
Curriculum & Instruction
609-835-8600 x1007
Dennis Devlin
SIS Administrator
609-835-8600 x1053
John Foster
Computer Analyst II
Tory Gibilisco
Technology Manager
Sandy Gladkowski
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Human Resources
609-835-8600 x1004
Christine Green
Print Production Coordinator
609-835-8600 x1049
Dr. Neely Hackett
Superintendent of Schools
Evelyn Holland
Assistant to the Board Secretary
609-835-8600 x1021
Kathleen Horton
SIS Coordinator/Genesis Administrator
609-835-8600 x1056
Marcella Humes
Staff Accountant
609-835-8600 x1017
Lyn Hutton
Senior Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
609-835-8600 x1013
Blanche Johnson
Administative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Business
609-835-8600 x1020
Edward Lewis
Senior Accountant
609-835-8600 x1014
Tamika Little
Benefits Specialist
609-835-8600 x1002
Ave Mergi
Facilities Secretary
609-835-8600 x7501
Ca'Meshia Mitchell
Personnel Assistant
609-835-8600 x1003
Dezoray Moore
Supervisor of Social Studies, Government Programs, and English as a Second Language
609-835-8600 x
Dr. James Nesmith
Director of Special Services
609-835-8600 x1057
Allen Otto
Computer Analyst II
Leon Owen
Director of Athletics and Health & Physical Education
609-835-8800 x3065
Donyell Patel
Systems Clerk
609-835-8600 x1001
George Phillips
Attendance Officer/Truancy
609-835-8600 x
Michelle Reddick
609-835-8600 x1040
Lisa Riley
Administrative Assistant for Special Services
609-835-8600 x1057
Stacey Robinson
Director of Human Resources
609-835-8600 x1012
James Sicilia
Computer Analyst II
Kelvin Smith
Assistant Superintendent of Business
6090835-8600 x1019
Yvonne Stepney
Administrative Assistant for the Department of Curriculum & Instruction
609-835-8600 x2013
Diahann Stokes-Price
Administrative Assistant for the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
609-835-8600 x1008
Nadine Tribbett
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Chrystal Walker
Supervisor of Early Childhood, Visual & Performing Arts, & World Languages
609-835-8600 x1036
Corey Walker
Computer Analyst I
Jimmy White
Attendance Officer/Investigator
609-835-8600 x
Yvette Williams
609-835-8600 x1041
Sharon Williams
Supervisor of English Language Arts
609-835-8600 x1036
Phyllis Zullo
Special Services Secretary
609-835-8600 x1045