The District uses the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching to evaluate the performance of certificated staff members. The Framework provides an opportunity for certificated staff members and administrators to work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning through on-going and targeted feedback related to planning and preparation, classroom/program environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities.

The Framework for Teaching is a common language for instructional practice that is grounded in a philosophical approach to and understanding of great teaching and the nature of learning. It is a vision of excellence as well as a set of discrete practices.

The Framework was developed not only to define great teaching and elevate the profession, but also to outline a comprehensive approach to the professional learning across the career continuum – from pre-service teacher preparation through teacher leadership. This comprehensive approach was built around a specific conceptualization of the nature of the profession, its complexity, and the pursuit of great teaching and a stronger profession.

The Framework’s full value is realized when used as a foundation for professional conversations among educators and administrators. The Framework can guide a school or district’s mentoring, coaching, professional development, and teacher evaluation processes, providing a common language for all activities.