Please be advised that the forms necessary to apply for a leave of absence are located on the district’s website under the Human Resources tab/link. Employees must fill out the forms and submit them along with the necessary medical documentation (if applicable) to Human Resources. The forms can be emailed to the attention of Ms. Terry-Ann Douglas the district’s Benefits Specialist at tadouglas@wboe.net. The employee must submit notice of proposed leave of absence by letter or e-mail. Original notice must be sent to the Superintendent of Schools and copies to building Principal/Department Supervisor and to Human Resources via the Benefits Specialist. The following information should be included in the request: (a) Name (b) School Location and Position/Job Title (c) type of leave being requested (i.e., maternity, medical, etc.) (d) start date of leave and expected date of return from the leave; and (e) indicate any available paid time off days to be utilized.

Absent an emergency, all requests for a leave of absence should be submitted at least (30) thirty days prior to the commencement of the proposed leave of absence for review, processing, and board approval. Once processing is complete, the staff member will receive written notification of leave approval, denial, or the need for additional information. If the leave is eligible for approval, it will be placed on the Board agenda for final approval. Your leave of absence cannot commence until you have received board approval.

In the event that you need to extend your leave of absence, you must complete and submit a Request for Change of Approved Leave of Absence Form and provide an updated Certification of Health Care Provider Form to Human Resources. These forms must be submitted at least (10) ten days prior to the end of your leave date.

For all approved leaves involving a physical injury or medical need, you are required to obtain a clearance to return to work, without restrictions from a physician and a Report to Work Notice from the Human Resources Department. For all other approved leaves, you are required to obtain a Report to Work Notice from the Human Resources Department. In order to return from ALL leave of absences, the employee MUST contact the Human Resources Department five (5) business days in advance of your anticipated return date to obtain your Report to Work Notice. Please follow the procedures outlined in this notice. Failure to follow these procedures and return to work without district authorization may lead to your being docked.

This notice shall supersede procedures and practices outlined in any other document.


When applying for a Family Medical Leave of Absences you must follow the following steps:

  1. Complete the "Request for Leave of Absence Form."

  2. You must have your Physician complete the "Certification of Health Care Provider Form."

  3. Return both documents to the HR Department so that it can be presented for Physician and Board Approval/disapproval. All Leave requests must be board approved prior to your requested Leave of Absence begin date.

  4. If you need to change or extend Leave you must complete the "Request for Change of Approved Leave of Absence Form" as well as another “Certification of Health Care Provider Form” to be completed by the treating Physician at least (10) days prior to the end leave date.

  5. When you return to work you must report to the HR Department prior to reporting to work to complete the "Return from Leave of Absence Form" and present clearance from the treating Physician.

  6. If you choose to take Leave without Pay you will be responsible for paying your portion of your health benefits at the beginning of each month. If you are on Leave after 12-weeks without pay you will be responsible for the full amount of benefits.  The district will no longer pay a portion.


“Leave of absences without pay up to one year shall be granted to all until member with three (3) or more years of continuous service within the district for the purpose of caring for a sick member of the employee’s family or medical reasons of the unit member. Additional leave beyond such year may be granted to the employee at the discretion of the Board.”