As we prepare for the return of students to school on April 19, 2021, please view the Option 1 Safety Video and review & acknowledge the COVID Parent Daily Screening Form in the Genesis Parent Portal. In order for your child to return to school during the week of April 19th, you must acknowledge that you have read this form in Genesis by Thursday, April 15, 2021. Information on how to complete this acknowledgment is in the video as well as below this video.

COVID Parent Daily Screening Form:


Genesis Parent Portal Login:


Directions to acknowledge viewing the COVID Parent Daily Screening Form: 

Log into Genesis Parent Portal. You will be taken directly to the FORMS tab and a notice letting you know you have a required form to complete. You will be unable to view any other tab until that form is completed.

You will find a form highlighted in RED under each of your children labeled “Covid Daily Parent Form” - Click on the name of the form to open the form.

On the form “Covid Daily Parent Form” please review the TWO Sections.

Section1: Symptoms – Perform a daily review of your child’s symptoms, Students who are sick (e.g. fever, vomiting, diarrhea) should not attend school in person. If TWO OR MORE of the fields in Column A can be checked off OR AT LEAST ONE field in column B, please keep your child home and notify the school for further instructions.

Section 2: Close Contact/Potential Exposure – Please review if your student has ANY of the 'Close Contact/Potential Exposure' in the last 14 days, If yes to any, please contact your school for exclusion recommendations. Contact your child’s healthcare provider or your local health department for further guidance.

Finally please verify you have read this document and understand that you must review this document each morning before sending my child to school.