At Memorial Middle School we have a strong commitment to educate and motivate our students to the best of their ability, and to form a constructive parent teacher partnership to help us obtain our goals. Everyone is expected to strive for success, but not be afraid to participate in new and challenging experiences. Through example, and positive reinforcement our students develop the character traits necessary for success. All individuals within our school work together as a community to enhance and enrich the educational experience.


Today is a new day.
Today I will do my best to be a proud member of our school community.
Today I will be kind to my classmates and I will learn as much as I can because I am the future of our country.


  • We value the teaching of curriculum with the emphasis on reading, writing, math, social studies, and science.

  • We value clear academic, behavioral and social rules for students and staff.

  • We value the professional staff and parent commitment to student achievement.

  • We value respect, responsibility, accountability and cooperation among all members of our school community.

  • We value parent involvement to assure student success outside the classroom.

  • We value continued growth in art, music, world languages and technology to broaden horizons in a widely diverse society.

  • We value a safe learning environment that will encourage students to find the best in themselves and others.


2009-2010 marks a new initiative for Memorial Middle School in which we are asking our entire school community of parents, staff and students to commit to providing our students with the best quality education. To view these documents, please click the links below:

Parent-Student Compact <insert link>
Staff Compact <insert link>