“The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.” -Rachel Anders 

What a fantastic opportunity Read Across America Week is for instilling in our young people a genuine LOVE for reading while also deepening their understanding of its importance!  Whether a student manually turns an actual page or touches a screen to advance a reading text, engaging in the act of reading is of the highest priority. In developing our students as future citizens of the world, we know they must be able to read with understanding, analyze what they learned, evaluate what it means, and utilize that information in their lives. The Twin Hills’ Read Across America Committee is excited to share our comprehensive Bitmoji room, designed to give students access to an array of reading opportunities that encompass various reading genres. Most importantly, students can experience live readers who display their passion for reading through their video read-alouds. Be sure to click on Mrs. Nock-Lemons for a welcome message and enjoy!

Mrs. Nock-Lemons, Principal

Twin Hills Elementary School